Riding the 100 Mile El Tour

Q: What's your connection with BICAS?
A: BICAS changed my life. At BICAS, I built the bike I use to go to and from work. At the time, I couldn't afford a new commuter style bike, so I bought "most" of a bike from a UofA surplus auction and went to BICAS to replace the missing parts. Over the years, I've replaced parts as they've worn out. Being able to ride my bike to work opened up an entire world to me: I felt better and saved money (I didn't need to pay for bus fare anymore).

Q: Why are you riding El Tour for BICAS?
A: BICAS is an important part of the Tucson community: Not just for what it makes possible in terms of people having access to bikes but also in terms of furthering the sense of community in Tucson and opening up possibilities for people.

Q: What are your goals for riding in El Tour?
A: My personal goals are to increase my fitness and to finish earlier than I did last year! I also want to raise awareness of BICAS and its mission among folks who might not be aware of it.