Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers

Q: What is Team BICAS?
A: Team BICAS is a group of people who may or may not ride road bikes regularly and are training to ride in El Tour de Tucson. We meet and ride together regularly to support ourselves as we prepare for El Tour.

Q: What is El Tour de Tucson?
A: Southern Arizona’s largest charity ride. Between six and eight thousand riders participate every year. On average, they raise over 16 million dollars for local and international non-profits every year.

Q: How long is the ride?
A: There are several different main event distances you may choose from, between 106 and 28 miles.

Q: That's crazy.
A: Yeah! But think how cool it is to tell your friends and family you rode 30, 50, 80 or even 100 miles in one sitting!

Q: I only ride my bike casually or to and from work, is this for me?
A: Yes. This is exactly for you. If you're interested in completing El Tour and you can ride 15 miles in one sitting (if you can keep pedalling for about 90 minutes, more or less) you're ready to start riding with us. By the end of the summer (or start of the fall depending on how you decide to train) you’ll be ready to ride in the El Tour event of your choice.

Q: Do I have to ask my friends and family money?
A: Not necessarily. You may elect to contribute $300 yourself.

Q: I normally wouldn't consider this, but you’ve talked me into it. I'm​ not sure my friends would pony up, is there any chance you can help me out with a sponsorship or other support?
A: Possibly, though our funds are limited and there's an application process. If BICAS does sponsor your entry in El Tour, we may ask you to participate in fundraising campaigns in person and on social media. Contact for additional information.

Q: Why should I ride for BICAS?
A: Why not? BICAS is a Tucson institution that has introduced people to the power, magic and joy of cycling for nearly 30 years. By riding for BICAS in El Tour you're directly supporting the magic and mission of BICAS by just riding a bike.
Also, it's going to be an incredible adventure.

Q: Are there other ways to support BICAS’ El Tour program?
A: Yes. We will likely need volunteers at the start finish on the day of El Tour and we would love to have folks cheering us along the route. If you're interested in sponsoring a rider, please see our rider profile pages. If you're interested in supporting our riders in another way, such as through training or an equipment donation, please contact to work out logistics.

Q: How can I get more information?
A: Come to one of our monthly informational/sharing meetings, join one of our training ridea or contact