Donate to Team BICAS

To make a tax deductible donation to BICAS in support of Team BICAS' fundraising efforts, click here.

Team BICAS seeks to lower barriers for those who want to participate in recreational road cycling and to build community and relationships between individuals from disparate backgrounds while raising funds to support BICAS through participation in events such as the 40th El Tour de Tucson.

Team BICAS riders are themselves fundraisers for BICAS. Through their participation in El Tour de Tucson, they articulate BICAS’ mission while demonstrating some of its most important core values: authenticity, self-knowledge, respect (of self and others), autonomy, and self-reliance.

By making a tax deductible, directed donation to BICAS to support Team BICAS, you are supporting their mission and participating in their journey toward completion of significant and important goals. Funds donated to Team BICAS support:

  • the purchase of jerseys for team members,
  • the promotion of diversity in recreational cycling (by supporting the payment of event registration fees for select members of communities underrepresented in cycling who are not able to pay themselves) and
  • team event registration fees (in addition to individual rider registration fees, many events require teams to register as well)

Jerseys, the participation as an event recognized team, and being able to make spaces for dedicated fundraising riders all create a sense of community and unity among Team BICAS members and allow them to be clearly identified as team members and fundraisers for BICAS. Our financial modeling projects that were Team BICAS to be solely funded through donations, our team members would be able to raise, at a minimum, twice the funds donated to them. Each dollar donated to Team BICAS results in two dollars raised for BICAS.

Join us in our great adventure for the greater good: make a tax deductible, directed donation to BICAS to support Team BICAS. We couldn’t do it without you!